Zoom app officially compatible with M1 Mac

 Zoom app officially compatible with M1 Mac

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Zoom, an online video conferencing service, has released release notes on December 21st (US local time) announcing that Macs with M1 chips will be “better supported” in client apps. It’s likely to be natively supported for the M1 Mac, as it states that a separate installer can be downloaded.

Among the release notes published by Zoom, the following are references to the M1 Mac.

Apple Silicon Processor Support – Zoom desktop clients better support computers with ARM CPUs. A separate installer is available at the Zoom Download Center

Until now, using Zoom on an M1 Mac has traditionally run apps for Intel Macs via Rosetta 2, but I haven’t heard any complaints. For example, in the readers forum of Apple-related information site MacRumors , it is reported that only 17% of the battery was reduced after 2.5 hours of video calls.

However, M1 native apps will have even better battery life, and may improve overall performance when multitasking with other apps.

By the way, it seems that there are three options for running Zoom on M1 Mac in the future.

  • Get iPhone / iPad apps via Mac App Store
  • Run apps for Intel Mac with translation of Rosetta 2
  • Download a universal app, an app that includes both an M1 chip version and an Intel processor version, from the Mac App Store or the web

You may want to compare these three to verify performance and ease of use.

Sanchez Henry