Will Apple acquire an AI company with excellent video analysis technology?

 Will Apple acquire an AI company with excellent video analysis technology?

An artificial intelligence (AI) startup that Apple acquired earlier this year is likely to reflect notable technology in its upcoming apps and services.

This topic is reported by Bloomberg’s famous reporter Mark Gurman. According to him, the company was acquired by a company called Vilynx based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The company has developed a technology to analyze the contents of video, audio, and text in the video to understand what is being displayed, and automatically created tags for the video to make it searchable (for example, Michael Jordan). Detect Jordan’s face and search for it, etc.). The purchase price is reported to be about 50 million dollars (about 5.2 billion yen).

Apple has issued a statement that “our company sometimes buys small tech companies and generally does not discuss their purpose or plans,” and does not affirm or deny the fact of the acquisition, normal driving. Shows the attitude of.

The company is known to be enthusiastic about acquiring AI-related companies, and it is reported that it acquired Xnor.ai , which sings “on-device AI” in January this year, and Inductiv, which will strengthen Siri , in May. I did. US research firm CB Insights is, Apple bought the 20 companies of AI-related companies in total in the 10 years from 2010 to 2019, and has maintained a total top for three consecutive years from 2017 it says .

In the first place, the technology of the company that acquired Apple’s voice assistant Siri was the starting point, and it seems that Face ID, a face recognition technology, would not have been possible without the acquisition of PrimeSense, a 3D sensor company in 2013 .

So what does Apple use Vilynx’s technology for? Bloomberg cites enhancements to Siri, making it easier to search videos by putting it in a photo app, and applying it to a recommendation engine (software that recommends products and services to customers) in TV and news apps. I will.

In addition, it has been observed that Apple is “strengthening” its own search engine development, as the default search engine contract in Safari for iOS with Google has been investigated on suspicion of antitrust violations . ..

On the other hand, even on the iPhone, the policy is to direct the improvement of the degree of integration by 5nm process of A14 Bionic to the neural engine, that is, machine learning, rather than simply increasing the CPU and GPU core, and from this point as well, Vilynx’s technology is various. There seems to be a use.

Bradley Reeds