Volkswagen CEO commented on rumors of Apple Car (tentative) “I hope to accelerate the transformation of the automobile industry”

 Volkswagen CEO commented on rumors of Apple Car (tentative) “I hope to accelerate the transformation of the automobile industry”

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Dice accepts competition and new entrants to the automobile industry change as rumors of an electric vehicle (EV), a so-called Apple car (provisional), which is said to be under development by Apple, have buzzed the world. He says he expects to accelerate.

This is a business SNS, LinkedIn, in response to comments asking for impressions about Apple car rumors. Dice said:

We look forward to new competitors who will once again accelerate the transformation of the industry and bring new skills. The (Apple’s) incredible reputation and access to virtually unlimited resources instill a great deal of respect. It is a dimension that surpasses the industry (Toyota Motor, etc.).

I said earlier that “the most valuable companies in the world will once again be mobility companies.” It could be Tesla, Apple, or Volkswagen AG.

Rumors that “Apple is aiming to start production of its own brand EV from 2024” reported by Reuters earlier this week attracted a lot of attention. The impact as much as was temporarily decline the stock prices of EV’s largest Tesla, even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, but it has approached the acquisition of whether the wake of the Apple has been on the sleeves was telling the memories .

However, it is unknown whether Apple cars will bring great benefits to Apple.

For example, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, a major US financial institution, said that Apple has experience in battery technology and power management, and the accumulation of LiDAR scanners (3D sensors, installed in iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro (2020)) will also be used for EV development. It is reportedly analyzing that it may be useful . However, other automakers are also actively testing LiDAR, and it has been pointed out that it is likely to be used in vehicles by 2024. That’s why Apple’s advantage is offset.

The analyst also points out that the automotive industry generally has lower gross margins than Apple’s current business model (40% for Apple and about 20% for Tesla). As a result, Apple may not produce its own brand of EVs, but may only serve cars made by other companies.

There is a precedent that the wireless charging mat AirPower, which Apple officially announced the release, has been discontinued, and it is unpredictable whether the Apple car will really be released. Anyway, I’d like to wait for the next report.

Rodriguez Bill