Toyota announces robots for the Tokyo Olympics

 Toyota announces robots for the Tokyo Olympics

Toyota Motor Corporation announced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that it will support the operation of the Games with robots. We are announcing 6 types of robots under development, including the mascot character Miraitowa and Someity-themed robots.

Among them, the autonomous robot named “FSR (Field Support Robot)” is active in the venue of the Olympic track and field. It is responsible for collecting and transporting spears and hammers thrown during the competition. In addition to being able to select the route by the robot itself and running autonomously, it also has the function of avoiding obstacles and keeping up with the operation staff. However, this robot is just for labor saving in transportation, and it seems that it does not have a function to pick up a falling hammer by yourself, for example.

▲ FSR (Field Support Robot)

The mascot robot with the motifs of the Tokyo Olympic characters “Miraitowa” and “Someity” recognizes human faces and expresses emotions. It is said that mascot robots in remote locations can share sensations such as arm movements and take cooperative actions.

▲ Mascot robot

The humanoid robot “T-HR3” is a robot that utilizes telexistence technology, and walks around the venue on behalf of spectators in remote areas and interacts with athletes. Use cameras and tactile sensors to convey the feeling of being at the venue.

▲ “T-HR3”

A robot equipped with a camera and a display “T-HR1” has a similar concept. is.

HSR (Human Support Robot)” plays an active role in the wheelchair seats of the “T-HR1” Olympic Stadium. Guide the audience and help carry your luggage. In addition, a robot “DSR (Delivery Support Robot)” for delivering ordered items such as drinks to the audience seats has also been announced.

▲ “HSR (Human Support Robot)” and “DSR (Delivery Support Robot)”

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