Timeline is also displayed on Google Photos

 Timeline is also displayed on Google Photos

In June, Google added a map view to the mobile version of Google Photos that allows you to check the shooting location on the map, but you can also check the timeline in that map view.

If location history is enabled on your device, you can see when and where you were on Google Maps as a timeline, but it’s also added to Google Photos.

You can access it from “My map” from the search of Google Photos, and when you access it for the first time, a pop-up showing how to display the location information will be displayed.

The location where the photo was taken is plotted on the map, and when enlarged, the route is displayed with a blue line, but it can also be hidden from the menu. By the way, if you tap the blue line, “Today’s route” will be displayed, but in English it is “Your path on this day”, so it may be a translation error. It should be fixed soon.

It seems that some people are afraid of privacy when Google knows location information, but it is also possible to turn off location information recording in photos and disable location history. If you can accept the sharing of location information without any problems, it will be a useful tool to look back on your memories of your trip.

Sanchez Henry