The new anchor battery is “a portable size with an outlet”. 27000mAh PowerHouse 100 released

 The new anchor battery is “a portable size with an outlet”. 27000mAh PowerHouse 100 released

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Anchors from major mobile batteries and USB AC adapters have released a noteworthy model that has a size that falls into the category of mobile batteries (not a so-called portable power supply) while being equipped with an AC outlet of up to 100W.

The model name is ” Anker PowerHouse 100 “. The price is 13,900 yen (tax included), which is also in the category of mobile batteries (although it is expensive compared to general models, of course). Fortunately, the price also includes a 45W USB Type-C AC adapter for charging the main unit (and the popular “PowerPort Atom III 45W Slim”) and a USB-C to C cable.

The battery capacity is 27000mAh (97.2Wh), which is almost the upper limit that can be carried as baggage on an aircraft. The size of the main body is about 120 x 201 x 31 mm (width x height x thickness) and the weight is about 862 g, which is quite heavy due to the size of the outlet and the scale of the output circuit. However, when viewed as an AC outlet compatible model (still), it is by far the smallest and heaviest of the current models.

▲ The maximum output on the AC outlet side is 100W, and the total output including the USB terminal is 160W. Simultaneous output to 4 devices is also possible

Another feature is that it has three USB terminals in addition to AC, and all of them can be output at the same time. In addition to the maximum 100W on the AC side, the maximum 45W USB Type-C terminal and 2 USB Type-A terminals (2 subtotals maximum 15W) can be used at the same time, so the total maximum output is as high as 160W.

Especially for users who use mobile batteries heavily or who think that they are for emergency use, this “there is no restriction on simultaneous use and you can charge at almost maximum output just by connecting” is a very reliable specification. You can see that there is.

Furthermore, the AC output is a pure sine wave specification (naturally because it is a battery). It is also appealing that it can be used for most precision equipment because of its high compatibility (at the waveform level) with household power supplies.

The control specification of the USB Type-C terminal is “PowerIQ 3.0 (Gen2)”, which is Anchor’s original “USB PD compatible” specification. Even at 5V (not 2.4A), it is a solid 3A output. Other voltage and current combinations are 9V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 2.25A.

▲ A rubber cap is also installed on the AC outlet terminal. Prevents moisture and dust from entering when not in use

The specifications of the AC outlet are 110V / 0.91A, frequency 60Hz, maximum output 100W (instantaneous maximum output is 125W). The USB Type-A side has a specification of 5V / 3A (maximum 12W for each port, maximum 15W in total).

In addition, USB Type-C is a type that also serves as an input (main unit charging) terminal. When charging the main unit, it can support up to 45W with a USB PD compatible AC adapter etc. (As mentioned above, the main unit also comes with a 45W AC adapter). The minimum charging time (from zero capacity to full charge) is about 3 hours.

In addition, LED lights, which are often installed in recent years as emergency power supplies, are also installed. Since it is equipped with multiple light modes with different brightness and a flash mode for SOS, it is also touted as a lighting and life-saving signal.

▲ The USB Type-C terminal is a type that also serves as an input (main unit charging), and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge. It is also nice to have the popular “PowerPort Atom III 45W Slim” as a single unit.

In this way, the PowerHouse 100 is a product in a standing position that makes mobile batteries equipped with AC outlets, which were expensive, large and heavy, at once affordable and familiar.

Furthermore, even if you look only at the functional aspect without the price and the size and weight of the main body, the size of the outlet output of 100 W and the convenient specification that there is almost no output limit at the time of simultaneous output, etc. It has a big advantage compared to.

Until now, the number of products with AC outlets was small in the market, but this machine is likely to become a game changer-like product that expands such genres.

“I know the convenience of portable power supplies, but the price and size are …” This machine is likely to “stick” for users, not only for those who are considering portable power supplies, but also for ease of use. It is a product that users who are looking for a large capacity battery with excellent performance should also consider.

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