Tesla begins production of the 7-seater version of the small electric SUV “Model Y” in November

 Tesla begins production of the 7-seater version of the small electric SUV “Model Y” in November

Tesla announced that it will start production of a 7-seater version of the compact SUV type electric vehicle “Model Y” from November. If anyone has been waiting for the 7-seater version of the Model Y from the rumor stage before it was officially announced, it will only happen in about two years. Production will start in November, but shipments in the United States will start in December.

If you take a look at Tesla’s official website, the 7-seater is treated as an option and can be set at an additional charge of $ 3000. It is said that it will be available from 2021.

The Model Y was introduced as a 7-seater when it began shipping in the United States this spring, but so far only the 5-seater model has been sold. Also, at the time of writing the article, Tesla in Japan has not yet started selling Model Y itself.

In terms of the size of the car, Model Y is positioned as a compact SUV compared to the full-size Model X. It has a coupe-like design with the roof lowering toward the rear, so if you push the third row seat into it, you will be wondering what the space above and under your feet will be and how comfortable it will be to sit.

Clean Technica, an electric car and eco-related news site, says that Tesla has a three-row seat for the Model Y, which is usually enough for a five-seater in a normal home, but travels long distances with three children, for example. If you do, having one in the passenger seat, the other in the second row, and the last one in the third row will make it harder for you to get too excited and make a fuss or argue about silly content. Showed the consideration of .

In addition, when sending and receiving children to school, it is said that a 7-seater will play an active role when carrying friends in the neighborhood together.

Even for sports expeditions such as soccer and baseball, a seven-seater will come in handy to carry the children in the match. If you are a small child, it doesn’t matter if the space in the third row is a little small.

Model Y has a purchase price of about $ 50,000 (about 5.26 million yen) without Autopilot. If you add Autopilot to this, 8,000 dollars (about 840,000 yen) will be added. The third row seat costs $ 3,000, but if you’re buying a Model Y, that’s not too much of a concern.

In August, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted the idea of ​​preparing a more affordable Model Y, which is a simplification of the Model Y, which currently has only AWD models, to RWD. If that happens, more Model Y may start running in the cities of the world, along with Model 3.

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