Tech Pen – The multifunction pen

 Tech Pen – The multifunction pen
  • A pen for all trades
  • With screwdriver, ruler, water level and stylus
  • A super gifted gadget that even lets you write


We are specialists (at least we think so), to combine design and maximum practicality on our products. But above all specialists with regard to the diversity of the functions of use, compacted in one and the same gadget.

Here is an example in support: Our multifunction pen ” Tech Pen “, as its name suggests is a pen with regard to its first use , but can also be used for additional functions, rather useful, such as:

– Screwdriver (straight and star tip), something we never have at hand when we need it
– Ruler in centimeters and inches (for Anglo-American regulars).
– A water level .
– And a stylus .

And, as we said before, you can also use it quite simply for writing …Read moredetails

  • Tech Pen – multifunction pen
  • Metallic material
  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Includes flat and star-shaped screwdriver, cm and inch ruler, water level and stylus
  • Rotating handle to open or close the pen
  • To use the screwdriver, unscrew the cap on the top – the screwdriver can be removed and turned over
  • Pen tip can be pulled out
  • Dimensions: about 15cm long; Packaging approximately 17.5 x 5 x 2 cm
  • Weight: about 55 grams

Trelawney Ross