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Apple strengthens its own search engine development? Is it related

Rumors have been whispered since around 2014 that Apple is developing its own search engine (because the web crawler “Applebot” was confirmed, which Apple later officially acknowledged ), but the company recently took action. It is reported that it has been “strengthened”. According to the Financial Times report, this was triggered by the threat of a favorable deal with Google. Apple is believed […]Read More

Will Apple acquire an AI company with excellent video analysis

An artificial intelligence (AI) startup that Apple acquired earlier this year is likely to reflect notable technology in its upcoming apps and services. This topic is reported by Bloomberg’s famous reporter Mark Gurman. According to him, the company was acquired by a company called Vilynx based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The company has developed a technology to […]Read More

Paidy introduces 3 postpaid payments with no split fee

On October 27, Paidy, a postpaid payment service, introduced a service that frees three-time installment fees. Paidy is a service that allows you to pay for products purchased from online shopping sites the following month (so-called postpayment). The selling point is that even people who do not have a credit card can shop. The newly introduced […]Read More

IPhone compatible eSIM that can be purchased at airports, etc.

Global Trust Networks, which provides mobile phone services for foreign residents and foreign visitors to Japan, will provide the domestic data communication service “GTN PREPAID eSIM” that supports prepaid eSIM from November 16th. GTN PREPAID eSIM is a prepaid eSIM compatible with the SIM-free version of the iPhone 12 series, iPad (7th generation), and 11-inch […]Read More