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Stroll around Shibuya with Avatar Virtual Halloween in the With

Shibuya, Tokyo, where many people gather every year during Halloween in October. This year, we are calling for refraining from coming to Shibuya during Halloween to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Under these circumstances, KDDI and the Shibuya City Tourism Association announced that they will be able to enjoy the city of Shibuya virtually […]Read More

Google creates guidelines for selfie filters. Recommended to be off

A filter function for self-portraits such as beautiful face and beautiful skin, which seems to be commonplace on smartphones. Google thinks that although you can understand the desire to leave photos as beautiful as possible, it is not very good for Digital Wellbeing . Google conducted multiple surveys in four countries and discussed with children and mental health professionals around […]Read More

COCOA, a new corona contact confirmation app, has exceeded 20

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has revealed that the number of downloads of the “New Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App” (COCOA) reached 2001 million as of 5 pm on November 17. COCOA is an application that uses the Bluetooth function of a smartphone to notify you that if you have been in contact with […]Read More

DoCoMo introduces two-step authentication to d account menu

NTT DoCoMo announced that it will introduce two-step authentication to the “d account menu” from January 14, 2021. The aim is to strengthen identity verification and prevent unauthorized access by spoofing. The d-account menu is a menu that allows you to make various settings related to the d-account, such as changing the d-account and password of […]Read More

Arm version of Windows provided for M1 Mac? Is MS

The other day, the virtualization application Parallels Desktop 16 Windows can move on the Mac, the news was published a technical preview version corresponding to the Apple silicon M1 chip-based Mac has to tell . However, the bottleneck for “general users to run Arm version of Windows 10 on M1 Mac” was that Microsoft did not sell Arm Windows […]Read More

Unlimited use of LINE stamps for 480 yen per month

The communication app “LINE” has started offering a new charge “Deluxe Course” in the stamp flat-rate service “LINE Stamp Premium”. The monthly fee for the Deluxe Course is 480 yen (tax included, same below), and in addition to being able to use more than 7 million types of creator’s stamps and more than 50,000 types […]Read More

Timeline is also displayed on Google Photos

In June, Google added a map view to the mobile version of Google Photos that allows you to check the shooting location on the map, but you can also check the timeline in that map view. If location history is enabled on your device, you can see when and where you were on Google Maps […]Read More

Apple strengthens its own search engine development? Is it related

Rumors have been whispered since around 2014 that Apple is developing its own search engine (because the web crawler “Applebot” was confirmed, which Apple later officially acknowledged ), but the company recently took action. It is reported that it has been “strengthened”. According to the Financial Times report, this was triggered by the threat of a favorable deal with Google. Apple is believed […]Read More

Will Apple acquire an AI company with excellent video analysis

An artificial intelligence (AI) startup that Apple acquired earlier this year is likely to reflect notable technology in its upcoming apps and services. This topic is reported by Bloomberg’s famous reporter Mark Gurman. According to him, the company was acquired by a company called Vilynx based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The company has developed a technology to […]Read More