Sharp “AQUOS Audio” announced. Applying acoustic design technology for music halls

 Sharp “AQUOS Audio” announced. Applying acoustic design technology for music halls

Sharp will release the theater bar system “AQUOS Audio 8A-C22CX1” that supports “22.2ch audio signal input” of the audio format “MPEG-4 AAC” used in 8K broadcasting on August 29th. The price is open, but the estimated market price is around 80,000 yen excluding tax.

The 22.2 multi-channel sound used in 8K broadcasting is a three-dimensional sound system that enhances the sense of presence by arranging channels in the vertical direction in addition to front, back, left, and right.

This product uses the stereophonic reproduction technology “OPSODIS” jointly developed by Kashima Construction, which has a wealth of experience in the field of architectural acoustics such as music halls and studios, and the University of Southampton, which is well-known in the field of acoustic technology. It is said that sound can be delivered in all directions only with this product installed in front of the viewer.

▲ Arrangement of woofers and tweeters (image)

Furthermore, not only 22.2ch audio signals for 8K broadcasting, but also 2ch / 5.1ch audio signals for terrestrial digital broadcasting and 4K broadcasting can realize stereophonic sound by original audio processing.

The front speaker is a 3-way speaker system with high-pitched sound, mid-range sound, and low-pitched sound, and by combining a 6-channel digital amplifier that independently drives speakers in each band, it is possible to realize detailed sound field reproduction.

In addition to 4K pass-through that outputs the 4K signal input via HDMI to the TV as it is, high-resolution sound source (WAV / FLAC, 192kHz /) from “Dolby Vision” pass-through, “Dolby Atmos”, USB memory connected to the USB terminal, etc. Supports playback of 24bit).

The sound modes that can be selected according to the image include an “indoor” mode that reproduces the reflected sound and reverberation sound of the indoor stadium and an “outdoor” mode that reproduces the realism of the stadium, and you can choose from a total of seven modes. Furthermore, by amplifying the conversation voice band, it is equipped with a “clear voice” function that makes it easier to hear human voices such as movies and dramas.

▲ Compatible with “AQUOS Familink” that can be easily operated with the TV remote control.

In addition, it supports operations using the remote control of Sharp TVs and “genre interlocking” that reads program information in the electronic program guide and automatically selects the sound mode suitable for the program genre you are watching.

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