Serving robot Servi, Gyu-Kaku, shabu-shabu hot vegetables, etc

 Serving robot Servi, Gyu-Kaku, shabu-shabu hot vegetables, etc

Rains International, which handles restaurant chains such as “Ushikaku” and “Shabu-shabu Onyasai,” will introduce SoftBank Robotics’ serving and transportation robot “Servi” in advance at some of its affiliated stores from December 3rd.

The “Servi” has a total load capacity of up to 35 kg and can hold up to 15 kg on each of the three shelves. It is equipped with obstacle detection and step detection functions, and it seems that it can stably carry food etc. while avoiding people and things. The running speed is 2.16km / h and the continuous operation time is about 12 hours.

Reins says that by introducing “Servi”, the burden on employees will be reduced and it can be used for other customer service operations. In the future, we will operate in the early hours of the day and evening when it is difficult for employees to gather, maximize sales efficiency, and consider introducing 200 stores.

The following stores will be introduced in advance from December 3rd. The period is until December 20th.

  • Gyu-Kaku Shirai store
  • Ushikaku Buffet Tamasakai
  • Shabushabu Onyasai Tomisato
  • Doma-Doma Kameido store
  • Kamadoka Akihabara store
  • Tonkatsu Kagurazaka Sakura Bajikoen

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