Qualcomm is serious about the robot market

 Qualcomm is serious about the robot market

Qualcomm, a major SoC for smartphones, has announced the “RB5” robot development kit (robotics platform) that supports 5G communication. It will be the model following the “RB3” announced by the company in 2019.

RB5 is a platform that supports the development of robots that can operate autonomously, and features the world’s first 5G communication in the same genre and support for AI (artificial intelligence).

At the center is the new processor “QRB5165” for robots. The SoC is equipped with a Kryo 585 CPU and Adreno 650 GPU, and achieves a spec of 15 TOPS (tera operation / second) in AI processing. The 5G connection also supports the faster millimeter wave band.

In the previous generation RB3, Snapdragon 845, which is also used for smartphones as SoC, was adopted. This time, a dedicated processor will be prepared for the robot.

The camera is equipped with a system that includes a 12-megapixel main + tracking + depth sensor + ToF sensor. It supports processing of up to 7 cameras, 8K / 4K HDR video, and 200 million pixel shooting. Furthermore, it is equipped with various sensors such as magnetic force, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and ultrasonic waves.

RB5 can perform processing such as neural processing, machine vision, localization, feature recognition, and obstacle detection. As a result, applications from domestic robots to drones are expected.

Currently, various industries are demanding systems that can operate autonomously, from household cleaning robots to facility security robots to drones. RB5 is expected to exert its power in such product development.

Sara Miller