Part of the Shinkansen becomes a “remote work recommended vehicle”

 Part of the Shinkansen becomes a “remote work recommended vehicle”

In February 2021, JR East will conduct a demonstration experiment to enable remote work on Shinkansen rolling stock.

This demonstration experiment will be conducted in response to the growing movement to recommend remote work due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and a vehicle for web conferencing will be installed on the Tohoku Shinkansen.

A Shinkansen limited express ticket is required to use it, but there is no additional charge or seat selection. In addition, we will distribute vouchers to those who responded to the questionnaire so that they can use the shared office “STATION BOOTH” operated by JR East for free.

In the future, in addition to renting out communication routers in collaboration with each company, we will investigate usage trends and issues, and based on the results, we will proceed with the examination of a “Shinkansen office” where you can work comfortably in a moving car. We are aiming to realize a new way of working.

The implementation period and target trains are as follows.

From February 1st to 12th, 2021

  • Up train: “Hayabusa 108” “Yamabiko 136” “Hayabusa 36” “Hayabusa 110”
  • Down train: “Hayabusa 103” “Hayabusa 17” “Yamabiko 63” “Yamabiko 141”

February 15-26, 2021

  • Up train: “Yamabiko 128” “Yamabiko 136” “Yamabiko 144” “Hayabusa 38” “Yamabiko 156”
  • Down train: “Yamabiko 127” “Yamabiko 135” “Hayabusa 21” “Yamabiko 213” “Yamabiko 149”

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