Octopus Tripod for Smartphone

 Octopus Tripod for Smartphone
  • Compact, lightweight and super flexible
  • Suitable for small cameras as well as smartphones
  • For better quality photos
  • Can be used almost anywhere thanks to the movable rubber feet
  • And in any weather


War is declared with all these blurry photos flooding our cell phones. Against ” motion blur ” we have the lethal weapon. The tripod.

So yes, the tripod principle is not revolutionary or innovative. The camera or smartphone will take good quality photos when stable and secure. But there remains a major problem: conventional tripods are too heavy, too bulky and above all: require a relatively flat ground.

This is why the Octopus Tripod for Smartphone or for Go Pro is a real acrobat. Thanks to its removable feet in all directions, you will be able to fix it anywhere and on any surface (rocky ground, vertical bar, branch of a tree, roof of a car, etc.).

  • Octopus Tripod for Smartphone
  • Capture images and videos with your smartphone or camera (Go Pro) on any surface and from any angle
  • Includes a wireless remote control (Bluetooth) – to take photos with your smartphone without touching it
  • High density rubber coated feet – flexible, sturdy and usable in all weather conditions
  • The tripod is light and compact
  • Includes universal smartphone holder and camera holder (Go Pro style)
  • Materials: plastic, rubber
  • Total dimensions tripod / stand (folded) approx.30.5cm long, diameter approx.5cm; feet about 22 cm long, diameter about 2 cm; straight legs unfolded, diameter about 28 cm; remote control about 5 x 3.5 x 1 cm; packaging approx. 31.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 cm
  • Total weight about 320 grams
  • NOTE: Smartphone / Camera not included

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