New Chromecast released on November 25, with Google TV and remote control

 New Chromecast released on November 25, with Google TV and remote control

Google Japan will release “Chromecast with Google TV” in Japan on November 25th. The main unit price is 7600 yen including tax. Reservations will be accepted from today (November 18th) at retail stores such as the Google Store and online sites.

“Chromecast with Google TV” is the latest model of the Chromecast series that plugs into the HDMI terminal of the TV.

The biggest feature is that it comes with a small remote control and is equipped with a new smart TV interface, Google TV, so that you can find and enjoy content such as online videos and TVs without using a smartphone.

Until now, Chromecast did not have its own interface, and it was necessary to cast content from a smartphone or PC. On the other hand, this model allows you to search for and play content on the big screen of your TV using the included remote control. It also supports casting from smartphones as before.

The built-in Google TV software is based on Android TV, and according to Google personnel, almost any app for Android TV will work.

It supports not only overseas video services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, but also Japanese video distribution services such as FOD, TVer, and Paravi.

The remote control supports infrared communication as well as Bluetooth. You can also perform “power on / off” and “input switching” operations on the TV. It also has a “Netflix button” and a “YouTube button”, which also act as shortcut buttons to which you can assign arbitrary commands.

Equipped with a microphone, it also supports voice operation via the Google Assistant. Voice operation supports not only the title of the work but also a rough search by genre such as “Look for action operation”.

As a hardware specification, it supports 4K HDR 60fps. HDR is also for Dolby Vision. To enjoy HDR, the connected TV must also support HDR.

There are three colors available, “Snow”, “Sunrise”, and “Sky”. Of these, “Sunrise” and “Sky” are limited to the Google Store.

In addition, limited to the Google store, we will also offer a bundled product of Netflix’s 6-month contract (6 months worth of standard plan, equivalent to 7200 yen in total) and Chromecast with Google TV as a set for 11,200 yen including tax. This is also available to existing Netflix users.

Sanchez Henry