NASA officially approves SpaceX astronaut transportation system contract

 NASA officially approves SpaceX astronaut transportation system contract

NASA has officially approved SpaceX for astronaut transport to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX is manned flight test in May carried the Demo-2 mission , and the Bob Benken and Doug Hurley both astronauts up to the ISS forwarded , and the feedback we were able to be.

After that, the Crew-1 mission, which was the first launch for commercial aviator transportation, was planned, but the schedule was repeatedly postponed to October 13 and October 31 due to the balance with other launches . Finally, the schedule was changed from early to mid-November . And finally, it was announced that it will be held on November 14th (15th Japan time).

“This approval marks a major milestone in NASA and SpaceX, and highlights the fact that we can make great strides with the private sector,” said Jim Bridenstine of NASA.

The Demo-2 was a pilot launch, but it was the first US company since 2011 to send American aviators into space from the US land, a memorable mission for the United States. And now, with formal approval, NASA and SpaceX will be able to send many astronauts into space at their own pace.

The Crew-1 mission is scheduled to be launched from the 39th launch facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 9:49 JST on November 15. The members heading to the ISS this time include Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who will board the Crew Dragon spacecraft and head to the ISS. JAXA has released a special site for this launch, and plans to live stream it on YouTube.

Since it will be launched at the right time on Sunday morning, it seems good for people who are interested in space and families with children who are likely to be interested in space to write the viewing schedule in the schedule.

Rodriguez Bill