Loss prevention tag to be pasted MAMORIO FUDA

 Loss prevention tag to be pasted MAMORIO FUDA

MAMORIO, which handles loss prevention tags, released the second generation “MAMORIO FUDA” on November 30th.

The price is 2980 yen (excluding tax), and it is handled by MAMORIO official store, Amazon.co.jp, Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera.

MAMORIO FUDA is a sticker-type loss prevention tag with built-in Bluetooth that can be attached to valuables such as wallets and notebook PCs. When MAMORIO leaves the smartphone, it notifies the linked smartphone to prevent it from being lost or stolen due to misplacement.

In addition, when a forgotten item with a MAMORIO series product arrives within the effective range of the dedicated antenna “MAMORIO Spot” installed in a place where forgotten items are gathered, such as public transportation and commercial facilities nationwide, the location information of the forgotten item is displayed. It is a mechanism to notify the smartphone.

The main difference from the first generation is the design. It is said that the brand logo on the surface of the main body has been removed to give it a simple black and white appearance. The size is 23.5×36.6x3mm (length x width x thickness), and the weight is 3.7g. It is powered by a lithium battery and can be used for about a year. The maximum distance that can communicate with a smartphone is about 60m.

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