“I4 M” is being prepared as BMW M’s first complete EV. To appear in 2021

 “I4 M” is being prepared as BMW M’s first complete EV. To appear in 2021

BMW M, a unit that develops a high-performance sports version of BMW, has revealed that it is developing an “i4 M” based on the coupe-type electric vehicle “i4”. BMW M boss Markus Flasch said about the i4 M before the media announcement of the new BMW M3 / M4, Car Advice reports .

The i4 M, the first fully electric vehicle in the M-series, “will be a car in the performance segment,” Rush said, rather than a rugged sports version. What is a performance segment? Although it seems like that, it is probably the same position as the M350i, which is the existing model, or the version with a milder flavor than the special models such as M3 and M5 such as M550i.

Since there is not yet enough battery technology to match the name of the BMW M series, it seems that it will take some time before a full-scale M model appears, but in BMW, powertrain output and battery capacity are not the only performance indicators. I would like to think about what kind of attractive M can be proposed in terms of overall aspects, from handling to the sound that changes to the engine sound while driving (in partnership with Hans Zimmer). Increasing the weight of the vehicle due to the battery is also one of the challenges for BMW.

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BMW announced the i4 as a concept version earlier this year. At that stage, the stylishness of the new BMW model was already shown in both the interior and exterior, but at this point it has already given the performance of 530ps output and 0-100km / h acceleration of about 4 seconds.

Car enthusiasts must be looking forward to seeing what the i4 M, the performance version of the i4, will look like.

Sanchez Henry