Google One mass storage is reduced by half price. Only plans of 10TB or more

 Google One mass storage is reduced by half price. Only plans of 10TB or more

Google has reduced the usage fee of the integrated cloud storage “Google One”. Only plans of 10TB or more will be available at about half the price of the conventional one.

Google One is a cloud storage service that can be used for Google Drive, photos, documents, etc. There are plans such as 100GB for 250 yen per month / 2500 yen per year and 2TB for 1300 yen per month / 13,000 yen per year for storage capacity of Google Drive and document files, Google Photos photos and videos, Gmail attachments, etc. You can use it.

Of these, the 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB large-capacity plans were half the price before I knew it. In the past, it was 13,000 yen, 26,000 yen, and 39,000 yen / month in order, but now it is half price.

10TB monthly fee 6500 yen

20TB monthly fee 13,000 yen

30TB monthly fee 19,500 yen

became. From 100GB to 2TB hasn’t changed.

Speaking of Google’s storage, Google Photos, which has many users, announced a change to include “high quality” images that were previously unlimited and unlimited storage in the capacity count.

Some people may say, “I use Google Photos, but I keep it as standard, so it doesn’t matter if it’s just” high image quality “.” However, the upload size “high image quality” of Google Photos has standard compression. Save.

What has been consuming space for a long time is the “original image quality” that saves the original image file as it is. The news is that from June next year, the capacity will be counted even if the standard (“high image quality”) that is compressed and the image quality drops. “Low image quality” is not an option from the beginning, and to put it bluntly, “high image quality” may be lower than the original image quality.

Also, Google Drive will count documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc. that were not previously counted in capacity for new ones after June 2021.

Aside from 1TB and 2TB, it seems that most users choose 10TB or more for video editing or comparing and considering specific uses, but we are considering it as a large-capacity cloud storage plan including sharing up to 6 people. This is good news for users who have been using it.

Sara Miller