Facebook puts a full-page ad criticizing Apple in a major US newspaper

 Facebook puts a full-page ad criticizing Apple in a major US newspaper

Bloomberg reported on the 15th (US local time) that Facebook had a full-page advertisement criticizing Apple in several major US newspapers.

The focus is on a privacy policy change that will be introduced in iOS 14, with publications in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

The ad is titled “We are everywhere facing Apple for small businesses.” The main issues are changes related to iOS 14 data collection and targeted advertising.

Apple will implement an app tracking limit in iOS 14, a mechanism that “you must get the user’s explicit permission to access a device number (IFDA) that can track users across different websites and apps.” I announced it. Apple calls this feature “App Tracking Transparency.”

This ATT (abbreviation) has the potential to significantly reduce the effectiveness of Facebook’s ad tracking tool Audience Network. The tool allows you to use IFDA to more accurately target your ads and estimate their effectiveness. However, in iOS 14, it is not possible to obtain an IFDA and personally identify it unless the user explicitly agrees.

As a result, Facebook warned that the advertising revenue of app developers would decrease , and there were rumors that Apple also consulted with major game companies and advertisers, and the implementation was postponed until the beginning of 2021 .

Since then, eight citizen groups have expressed disappointment with the delay in implementing ATT . In response, Apple argues that companies that criticize ATT will burden SMEs, but the letter replies that the actual “data arms race” will benefit large companies that primarily have big data. I sent that.

In it, Apple intends Facebook executives to “collect as much data as possible, both in-house and in third-party products, to create and monetize users’ detailed profiles. attitude to ignore the privacy, also will “have continued to expand to more products have been claimed .

By the way, this full-page advertisement by Facebook is to summarize, “By disabling tracking, the sales of small and medium-sized enterprises will decrease by 60%.” In other words, it is in direct opposition to Apple’s claim that “it is not for SMEs to oppose ATT, but for the benefit of Facebook.”

In addition, Facebook argued in a blog post on its site that ATT would force SMEs to look to subscriptions and other in-app purchases for revenue, “for profit rather than privacy.” I have.

Interestingly, in this blog post, Facebook provides information on the Epic Games litigation ( for Fortnite, for example ) about how Apple’s policies have adversely affected people and businesses using Facebook and its services. He also mentions that he is committed to providing. This means that it has stated that it will help Epic on this matter. I also want to keep an eye on this development.

Sanchez Henry