DJI’s ground-based robot “ROBO MASTER S1” was the most exciting toy

 DJI’s ground-based robot “ROBO MASTER S1” was the most exciting toy

The S1 introduced this time is also a robot developed for educational purposes. However, this S1 is a really entertaining and extremely hot robot that can enjoy not only learning elements such as assembly and programming, but also competitive games such as battles. “We developed it for education based on the idea of ​​a ground-based robot that is active in the international robot competition” RoboMaster “held by DJI,” and it has high functionality and variety in programming. The feature is that it has a lot of customizability.


can see, it looks as if it jumped out of a science fiction novel or manga, and the Mecanum wheel allows it to run smoothly not only in front, back, left and right, but also 360 degrees. What’s more, it can fire small “gel bullets” such as infrared beams and BB bullets specially developed for S1. It’s more proof than theory how much potential this S1 has, so please watch this official video first.

This promotional movie alone will fully convey the fun of S1. At this experience session, I was able to experience racing, battles, programming, etc. using S1 at the school gymnasium. This was a lot of fun again, so let’s start with the experience session.

At the explanation / experience session for the press, a race game was played in which the S1 was operated on the iPad in a special course using the gymnasium of the school.

With the countdown, 6 cars will start all at once. The speed is faster than I expected. In the case of the author, I got off to a good start at first, but after that I was confused by the operation, and in a blink of an eye … As a result of impatience, I was running the course with the back for some reason, but I got stray further. When I tried to return to the original course, I hit the feet of the facilitator staff who were on the course. The venue was filled with laughter when I saw the moderator running away in a hurry, but I was full of apologies. But it’s definitely fun!

▲ iPad is used at the experience session. The operation is the Mecanum wheel of ▲ S1 that can operate the movement of the chassis and gimbal respectively on the screen

. Since it can move in all directions, it seems that a battle that makes full use of technique will be fought even in the race.

The battle shooting is a battle royale with 6 cars mixed up. It was this play that was the hottest and most rewarding.

An infrared beam is emitted from the blaster at the top of the S1 and can damage the opponent when hit. After taking a certain amount of damage, the aircraft becomes out of control. However, this time, the system was such that the heart-shaped value points under the balance beam could be captured with a camera to recover, so even if they were defeated, they could re-sort as many times as they wanted.

▲ The body of S1 is equipped with 6 hit detection sensors, and

when operating S1 that detects infrared rays and judges it as damage , I just look at the S1 body instead of the screen, but in the FPS game It is necessary to move as S1 from the first-person perspective. By the way, the aim is in the center of the screen, so if you get used to it, you will be able to aim at the opponent’s damage zone. You can also enjoy sniper-like movements such as hiding from the shadows and shooting. After playing for a while, I felt a great deal of response.

▲ Operation via Wi-Fi during battles I

have been playing various robot games in arcades and consumers, including “Battletech”, which is a long time ago when I get into a large housing and play a communication battle. When I was manipulating the S1, the same excitement as in those games came back to life. Feel the fun in these videos.

Visual programming
At the venue, we are also experiencing a demonstration in which S1 that recognizes a number card shoots a specified number with an infrared beam by visual programming.

▲ Visual programming screen. It

may seem difficult to see only the screen that will be localized in Japanese in the future, but since the S1 programming app has easy-to-understand videos, even beginners of programming can program S1 at home. You can learn. By the way, the supported OS is iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Demonstration using gel bullets
With the S1 equipped with a gel bullet that was developed for the S1, I was able to shoot at the opponent’s S1. It is very interesting that you can use real bullets as well as infrared rays. This gel bullet was a type that pops when hit, and could be easily crushed with a finger. By the way, it is said that the DJI staff have actually tasted it because it is harmless to the human body.

A bottle containing about 10,000 grains is attached to the main body of S1, and additional bottles will be available for purchase separately.

▲ The expression “BB bullet size tapioca” fits best. The

original grain is smaller, but when soaked in water, it grows like a certain wakame seaweed. It’s a little difficult to play at home, but you should be able to have a more realistic robot battle.

This time, as an educational writer, I should have come to see the educational robot S1 that can learn even this new robotics, but for some reason my passion as a gamer was aroused, “Practice more and manipulate like your own alter ego. Delusions such as “I want to go!” And “I definitely want to go out if there is a tournament” ran through my mind. “I definitely have to buy this …!”

By the way, the price is 64,800 yen (tax included) per unit. I really want two, but if you have two, you can easily enjoy battles and battles. However, since S1 is large as it is, it seems difficult to create an environment to battle at home. I hope that S1 users will hold regular training sessions in the future.

After that, let’s introduce the specifications and functions of S1 introduced at the recital.

Again, S1 is a robotic teaching material that can be programmed. The product arrives as parts and can be assembled by an adult in 2 to 3 hours. At this briefing session, a video actually assembled by guest Ayaka Ikezawa was released. “I knew about the Mecanum wheel, but it was my first time to touch it. It was a lot of fun to make it while checking the structure because it has such a mechanism,” commented Mr. Ikezawa. There is.

▲ A total of 46 parts make up S1 (excluding small screws)

S1 is said to have been assembled in about two hours, and is equipped with an image sensor and various recognition modules, and by programming, various functions can be added, and play and games can be created.

The ones that S1 can recognize are as follows.
Vision marker
S1 robot

This makes it possible to automatically drive along the line, make it a pet robot that tracks people, and play against S1s.

▲ Ayaka Ikezawa made a “pet” program that recognizes markers and runs and takes pictures using the recognition function of S1.

▲ A “FPV camera” is attached to the front, and up to 1080p videos and photos can be displayed. Not only does it function as a camera that can take pictures, but it also has an image sensor.

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