“Cyberpunk 2077” Hotfix 1.06 released. Fixed 8MB save file problem

 “Cyberpunk 2077” Hotfix 1.06 released. Fixed 8MB save file problem

CD Prejekt Red (CDPR) has released version 1.06, a hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077. It is a high-paced fix release with an interval of 5 days, but this time there are only 3 fix items. One of them is a fix for a bug caused by the bloated save file that became a hot topic the other day . The download capacity is about 15 to 17 GB for the console (PS4 / Xbox) version.

According to the explanation of Hotfix 1.06, “Fixing the 8MB save file capacity problem” does not fix already damaged save files. Even if it was known because it was warned in advance, it was a disappointing result for the player who encountered the phenomenon.

In addition, when this problem surfaced, there was some information that it also occurred in the console version, but Hotfix treats this problem as a fix for the PC version, and the save file capacity on PS4 and Xbox It seems unlikely that you will run into problems.

The other item is the “Second Conflict” quest, which fixes the problem that dam dams do not appear at the entrance of Totentants, and improved memory management etc. in the console version to make it less likely to crash.

Although not as many as last time, the fix releases at short intervals seem to be well received by the game players. In the comments section of the Hotfiix page, there are many words of appreciation for CDPR, which continues to make corrections despite the Christmas season.

Rodriguez Bill