British Army Top “1/4 of the troops will be robotized in the 2030s”

 British Army Top “1/4 of the troops will be robotized in the 2030s”

“The 2030s military is expected to include a large number of autonomous or remote-controlled machines,” British General Nick Carter told Sky News about 1/4 of the 120,000 British troops. He said that the 30,000 troops could be replaced by robots.

Investing in mechanized forces was said to be a pillar of the defense review every five years, although the general prefaced that he did not set targets for future military personnel. The plan was postponed by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, but General Carter said he was “discussing in a constructive direction” about raising a multi-year defense budget. “Long-term investment is confidence in modernization It is necessary to deepen the situation, “said The Guardian.

The British Army has been suffering from a shortage of human resources for several years, and it is said that the number of trained troops is less than 9,000 out of the target of 82,050. It is said that the target value will be about 70,000 by reviewing the integrated organization, but it is expected that some of the reduction in labor will be supported by technology.

Already, the British Army is conducting a series of research projects on armed or reconnaissance equipment, including small drones and remote-controlled land or underwater vehicles.

When those robots are completed, that may be the future in which murder robots will appear in the previous battle. However, there are many opposition to the development of autonomously operating murder robots, and even if it is technically possible, it is unclear whether it will actually be used from an ethical and humanitarian point of view.

Drones, on the other hand, currently require operators to fly remotely and make some decisions regarding attacks. If we increase this as a force, we will need to increase the number of personnel for that purpose, which can be the opposite direction to the reduction.

Probably, a type of mecha that supports soldiers in the previous battle, such as an autonomous material-carrying robot , rather than a direct force, is likely to be put into practical use first.

General Carter said, “History may not always repeat, but we must not forget that there is a” rhythm “in it. Before the two World Wars, there was an escalation of technical forces in each country. The miscalculation eventually resulted in an unpredictable scale of war. ” However, the question of whether we are predicting a new global war in the future at the time of the escalation is “there is a risk, and we need to be aware of it. “.

Sanchez Henry