Trelawney Ross

Stroll around Shibuya with Avatar Virtual Halloween in the With

Shibuya, Tokyo, where many people gather every year during Halloween in October. This year, we are calling for refraining from coming to Shibuya during Halloween to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Under these circumstances, KDDI and the Shibuya City Tourism Association announced that they will be able to enjoy the city of Shibuya virtually […]Read More

Google creates guidelines for selfie filters. Recommended to be off

A filter function for self-portraits such as beautiful face and beautiful skin, which seems to be commonplace on smartphones. Google thinks that although you can understand the desire to leave photos as beautiful as possible, it is not very good for Digital Wellbeing . Google conducted multiple surveys in four countries and discussed with children and mental health professionals around […]Read More

Flip Click Clock Alarm Clock

Trendy design gadget Available in bamboo or black Touch or sound control (finger snaps, etc.) To turn it off, turn it over (hence the name …) 😉 Rechargeable via USB Description To all those who think that in the days of smartphones, we no longer need clocks or alarm clocks – we understand you. But when […]Read More

Loss prevention tag to be pasted MAMORIO FUDA

MAMORIO, which handles loss prevention tags, released the second generation “MAMORIO FUDA” on November 30th. The price is 2980 yen (excluding tax), and it is handled by MAMORIO official store,, Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera. MAMORIO FUDA is a sticker-type loss prevention tag with built-in Bluetooth that can be attached to valuables such as […]Read More

Selfieme – bluetooth remote control with Selfie

For plenty of Official Selfies With a smart little tripod for smartphones Automatic triggering nearby via a remote control Perfectly suitable for all smartphones Description It is time to face the facts, the Selfie has almost become an international sport, the Olympic Games Commission should not be far from including it in the program of the next […]Read More

Developed by Samsung et al., A new OLED technology with

When using a VR headset, some people may occasionally be concerned about the mesh and pixel feel between the pixels of the display. Samsung and Stanford University are jointly developing OLED technology capable of densification of 10,000 PPI or more. Currently, products that use OLED are mainly divided into two types, one for smartphones and the […]Read More