Sara Miller

Google One mass storage is reduced by half price. Only

Google has reduced the usage fee of the integrated cloud storage “Google One”. Only plans of 10TB or more will be available at about half the price of the conventional one. Google One is a cloud storage service that can be used for Google Drive, photos, documents, etc. There are plans such as 100GB for 250 yen […]Read More

DoCoMo introduces two-step authentication to d account menu

NTT DoCoMo announced that it will introduce two-step authentication to the “d account menu” from January 14, 2021. The aim is to strengthen identity verification and prevent unauthorized access by spoofing. The d-account menu is a menu that allows you to make various settings related to the d-account, such as changing the d-account and password of […]Read More

“Temporary bonus due to good performance” Actually, a fishing test.

Internet domain registrar rental server GoDaddy employees are angry. Just before Christmas Eve, they received an email from their in-house email address stating that they would receive a temporary bonus of $ 650 (about 67,000 yen), and were happy to fill in the “necessary items for bonus payment”. Was returned. However, they later received a notice saying, […]Read More

Boston Dynamics of quadruped robot SPOT, SDK released on Github.

Boston Dynamics, a robot company under the umbrella of Softbank, has released an open source development kit for the quadruped robot platform Spot. We also announced that the first user conference “Actuate” will be held in Boston on May 12th and 13th. Speaking of Boston Dynamics, a biomimetic robot company that became famous for its […]Read More

What is the M1 chip on the latest Macs?

Mac with Apple’s own processor. What kind of finish will the processor really have? I was also paying attention to the Mac itself, but if I was looking for the “meaning of making it unique”, that attention would inevitably be focused on the performance of the processor. And the actually announced product further complements the Apple Silicon […]Read More

Full refund if the problem of nesting is not resolved

GROOVE X, the manufacturer of the domestic robot “LOVOT”, has launched a new campaign for those considering purchasing LOVOT. It was planned as a measure against self-restraint fatigue, which has become a problem in various places these days. The specific content is to try LOVOT for 14 days, and if you are not satisfied, guarantee a […]Read More

Sony WH-1000XM4 real machine impression

Sony will release the wireless headphones “WH-1000XM4” equipped with a noise canceling function on September 4th. The WH-1000XM4 is the successor model to the flagship model “WH-1000XM3”, which is highly evaluated for its noise canceling performance and sound quality. In addition to noise canceling and high-resolution sound quality, the point is that it is equipped with […]Read More

Qualcomm is serious about the robot market

Qualcomm, a major SoC for smartphones, has announced the “RB5” robot development kit (robotics platform) that supports 5G communication. It will be the model following the “RB3” announced by the company in 2019. RB5 is a platform that supports the development of robots that can operate autonomously, and features the world’s first 5G communication in the […]Read More

Kyocera develops collaborative robot

Kyocera, which handles fine ceramics and automobile parts, announced that it will enter the collaborative robot market in 2021. Collaborative robots, as the name implies, are robots that can work with people. Many industrial robots that operate mainly in the automobile industry are designed as dedicated machines that can only perform certain tasks, but Kyocera’s collaborative […]Read More