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Arm version of Windows provided for M1 Mac? Is MS

The other day, the virtualization application Parallels Desktop 16 Windows can move on the Mac, the news was published a technical preview version corresponding to the Apple silicon M1 chip-based Mac has to tell . However, the bottleneck for “general users to run Arm version of Windows 10 on M1 Mac” was that Microsoft did not sell Arm Windows […]Read More

Right-handed 40mm diameter wireless trackball, Orbit Fusion released by Kensington

ACCO Brands Japan began selling the Kensington wireless trackball “Orbit Fusion Trackball” on October 5th. The suggested retail price is 8140 yen (excluding tax). Kensington is a long-established company in trackball, but I have the impression that its main products are often symmetrical, such as Expert Mouse and Orbit Trackball. However, this Orbit Fusion is a product […]Read More

New digital earplugs, completely wireless type with Neucan

King Jim, which handles digital stationery and office supplies, will release the “Digital Earplugs” (MM3000), which is equipped with noise canceling technology in a housing like a completely wireless earphone, on December 14th. The price is 13,000 yen (excluding tax). Digital earplugs are products that claim to be able to hear people’s voices while cutting up […]Read More

British Army Top “1/4 of the troops will be robotized

“The 2030s military is expected to include a large number of autonomous or remote-controlled machines,” British General Nick Carter told Sky News about 1/4 of the 120,000 British troops. He said that the 30,000 troops could be replaced by robots. Investing in mechanized forces was said to be a pillar of the defense review every […]Read More

New Chromecast released on November 25, with Google TV and

Google Japan will release “Chromecast with Google TV” in Japan on November 25th. The main unit price is 7600 yen including tax. Reservations will be accepted from today (November 18th) at retail stores such as the Google Store and online sites. “Chromecast with Google TV” is the latest model of the Chromecast series that plugs into the […]Read More

“I4 M” is being prepared as BMW M’s first complete

BMW M, a unit that develops a high-performance sports version of BMW, has revealed that it is developing an “i4 M” based on the coupe-type electric vehicle “i4”. BMW M boss Markus Flasch said about the i4 M before the media announcement of the new BMW M3 / M4, Car Advice reports . The i4 M, the first […]Read More

Taxi dispatch DiDi abolishes app usage fee of up to

DiDi Mobility Japan, which handles the vehicle dispatch service “DiDi” that allows you to call a taxi on your smartphone, announced that it will abolish the usage fee for the DiDi app. The usage fee for the DiDi app is 260 yen for Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa, and 80 yen for Hokkaido, Miyagi, Shizuoka, […]Read More