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Platform doors that can be opened and closed with a

The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation announced that it will introduce a platform door opening / closing control system using a QR code (tQR) at all stations on the Asakusa Line by 2023. The tQR was jointly developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation and Denso Wave. It is a mechanism that reads the […]Read More

Volkswagen CEO commented on rumors of Apple Car (tentative) “I

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Dice accepts competition and new entrants to the automobile industry change as rumors of an electric vehicle (EV), a so-called Apple car (provisional), which is said to be under development by Apple, have buzzed the world. He says he expects to accelerate. This is a business SNS, LinkedIn, in response to […]Read More

“Next Generation of AMD” released

AMD, a major US semiconductor maker, has announced on Twitter the announcement date of the long-awaited next-generation CPU and GPU. The next-generation CPU, the 4th generation Ryzen series, will be announced on October 8th (probably US time), and the next GPU, the Radeon RX 6000 series, will be announced on October 28th. In this original tweet, […]Read More

Announcing the “eSC” electric scooter race at 100km / h.

The race championship “eSkootr Championship (eSC)” by electric kickboard (eSkooter) will be held from 2021. F1 driver Alex Wurz and Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi will be ambassadors for this series, and will be held in cities around the world. The idea of ​​the series was to “make international motorsport easier and more sustainable than […]Read More

NASA officially approves SpaceX astronaut transportation system contract

NASA has officially approved SpaceX for astronaut transport to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX is manned flight test in May carried the Demo-2 mission , and the Bob Benken and Doug Hurley both astronauts up to the ISS forwarded , and the feedback we were able to be. After that, the Crew-1 mission, which was the first launch for commercial aviator […]Read More

This spring’s Uniqlo T-shirts are Rumba, EOS R, and Balmuda

Fashion brand UNIQLO has released the Spring / Summer 2020 collection of design T-shirts “UT”. The men’s products for this term are positioned as the 2020 edition of “The Brands Masterpiece” with the motif of the representative products of manufacturers that are familiar to people all over the world … but the lineup is the focus […]Read More

KDDI releases “HomePod mini” on November 16th

KDDI will sell Apple’s smart speaker “HomePod mini” from November 16th. Rivals DoCoMo and Softbank have announced the handling of the iPhone 12 series announced at the same time, but have not announced the sale of the “HomePod mini”. At the time of writing the article (October 15th), KDDI is the only major carrier to handle […]Read More

Tesla begins production of the 7-seater version of the small

Tesla announced that it will start production of a 7-seater version of the compact SUV type electric vehicle “Model Y” from November. If anyone has been waiting for the 7-seater version of the Model Y from the rumor stage before it was officially announced, it will only happen in about two years. Production will start in November, but shipments in the United […]Read More