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Announced “Voxan Wattman”, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle challenger. The

Voxan Motors, a motorcycle manufacturer under the umbrella of French Venturi, has released a special specification “Wattman” developed to challenge the world’s fastest electric motorcycle. However, the record challenge, which was supposed to be a record challenge this year, has been postponed to July 2021 by the new Corona pandemic. Wattman’s styling is the first half […]Read More

COCOA, a new corona contact confirmation app, has exceeded 20

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has revealed that the number of downloads of the “New Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App” (COCOA) reached 2001 million as of 5 pm on November 17. COCOA is an application that uses the Bluetooth function of a smartphone to notify you that if you have been in contact with […]Read More

Toyota announces robots for the Tokyo Olympics

Toyota Motor Corporation announced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that it will support the operation of the Games with robots. We are announcing 6 types of robots under development, including the mascot character Miraitowa and Someity-themed robots. Among them, the autonomous robot named “FSR (Field Support Robot)” is active in the venue of the […]Read More

Trial introduction of Kappa Sushi, serving Robo Servi, which carries

Kappa Create, which operates the conveyor belt sushi chain store “Kappa Sushi,” has introduced SoftBank Robotics’ serving robot “Servi” to a store in Kawasaki City on a trial basis. By serving food instead of humans, the aim is to reduce the interaction between the clerk and the customer and prevent the infection of the new coronavirus. […]Read More

LINE and Sumitomo Mitsui Card, new service for point addition

As part of LINE Pay’s strategic business alliance efforts, Sumitomo Mitsui Card has been offering V according to the return rate to those who have used Sumitomo Mitsui Card to pay for some LINE services since January 2021. Announced that it will start a service to add points. Specifically, if you use the Sumitomo Mitsui […]Read More

Uber is in talks to sell its flying taxi business

Uber, a ride-hailing service, is reportedly in talks to sell its flying taxi business, Uber Elevate. Negotiations are being held with Joby Aviation, which was reported to have been invested by Toyota in January this year. Joby Abiation has agreed to partner with Uber to operate a flying taxi service. An Uber spokeswoman declined to comment, but a […]Read More

You can also write notes and search for whereabouts. New

On November 18th (local time), Google announced new features for family-friendly smart displays for the upcoming holiday season. The first feature is Family Memo, which allows you to create sticky notes on the screen of your smart display. When you create a memo with a command such as “OK Google, create a family memo”, the memo […]Read More

Apple strengthens its own search engine development? Is it related

Rumors have been whispered since around 2014 that Apple is developing its own search engine (because the web crawler “Applebot” was confirmed, which Apple later officially acknowledged ), but the company recently took action. It is reported that it has been “strengthened”. According to the Financial Times report, this was triggered by the threat of a favorable deal with Google. Apple is believed […]Read More