Arm version of Windows provided for M1 Mac? Is MS and Parallels formally cooperating?

 Arm version of Windows provided for M1 Mac? Is MS and Parallels formally cooperating?

The other day, the virtualization application Parallels Desktop 16 Windows can move on the Mac, the news was published a technical preview version corresponding to the Apple silicon M1 chip-based Mac has to tell . However, the bottleneck for “general users to run Arm version of Windows 10 on M1 Mac” was that Microsoft did not sell Arm Windows packages or licenses for individuals .

However, there are reports of clues that Parallels and Microsoft are officially working together to resolve the issue.

The focus of this topic is a tweet by Omar Shahine, Program Management Director for OneDrive, MS’s cloud storage service. Here, he said how wonderful it was that the Arm version of Windows worked on the M1 version of MacBook Air. Aside from the impression of “great performance and battery life!”, It’s worth noting that we are grateful to the official Parallels and MS accounts.

Up to now volunteer has successfully Arm version of Windows behavior in virtualization technology , has been also published technical preview version of the above Parallels, but the both are using Windows ARM 64 Insider Preview is, products Not a version.

However, the fact that MS executive Shahine shares the “Arm Windows running on Parallels on M1 Mac” screen while treating Parallels and MS on an equal footing is that general users also use the retail version of Arm Windows alone (hardware products). It could also be interpreted as suggesting that it might be available (rather than a pre-installed OEM on Windows).

By the way, the Parallels technical preview version itself is releasing a video installed and tested by MacRumors on the M1 Mac. When I measured the performance with Geekbench 5, the performance was not so different from Surface Pro X with the default CPU 2 core setting, and although the multi-core score improved significantly with the 4 core setting, there are many bugs and software that does not work. It has become.

Sanchez Henry