Announcing the “eSC” electric scooter race at 100km / h. From 2021 to the world

 Announcing the “eSC” electric scooter race at 100km / h. From 2021 to the world

The race championship “eSkootr Championship (eSC)” by electric kickboard (eSkooter) will be held from 2021. F1 driver Alex Wurz and Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi will be ambassadors for this series, and will be held in cities around the world.

The idea of ​​the series was to “make international motorsport easier and more sustainable than ever” and “to the cost and convenience of micromobility in the context of rapidly changing electric mobility.” Supporting the city by promoting the benefits. “

All you need to race is a player, an electric kickboard, a helmet, a racing suit, gloves and shoes, all of which will be well below the cost of a racing car. That said, eSC electric kickboards are stipulated to be capable of reaching speeds of up to 100km / h, so you should be able to buy multiple electric kickboards for the general public. According to Di Grassi, this electric kickboard has “higher acceleration capability than a typical commercial vehicle”, and the rider who rides it must also be a “professional” with appropriate skills.

Where are the electric kickboard pros? It is a frank impression, but eSC is thinking of gathering participating players for “racing drivers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and eSports racers”. Regarding eSports racers, although there are concerns about physical strength and motor nerves, it is possible that all other athletes are good at getting used to the sense of speed and dexterity to some extent, and it is possible that it will be an interesting competition. I will.

In addition, the electric kickboard that will be the racing gear is also equipped with dual motors on the carbon frame, and the Rion 2 RE90 (Racing Edition) with a maximum speed of 160 km / h is commercially available for $ 6,800 (about 73,000 yen). It seems that it can be used for racing as it is.

It’s just announced and it’s unclear how many teams and players will come together, and how much the competition for electric kickboards will entertain spectators and viewers. eSC has released an introductory video of cheap CG rendering so that you can imagine it.

Well, just marble races can be unexpectedly exciting , so electric kickboard races can be very interesting, perhaps even pulled out. This is where I want to wait for more information.

Rodriguez Bill