Announced the circuit-specific Bugatti “Bolide”. A technical concept with a maximum speed of over 500km and agility equivalent to F1

 Announced the circuit-specific Bugatti “Bolide”. A technical concept with a maximum speed of over 500km and agility equivalent to F1

Bugatti Automobiles has announced the Hyper Car Bolide, which claims to be “the fastest and lightest concept machine in Bugatti history.”

The body weight is 1240kg, the 8-liter W16 engine has an output of 1850PS, a maximum torque of 1850Nm, a power-to-weight ratio of 0.67kg / PS, and a maximum speed of “much higher” than 500km / h. I will.

In addition, Bolide is by no means a straight line length aiming for the highest speed, and it has the best handling and agility that is as good as the F1 machine. Given that modern F1 cars are said to have the highest cornering speeds ever, singing “F1 equivalent” on a closed-body car is a sign of considerable confidence.

This “F1 equivalent” is by no means appropriate, but a story that comes from the numerical values ​​of simulations in development. Bugatti explains on the Bolide web page that “Le Mans (Salt Circuit) takes 3 minutes 7 seconds 1 and Nordschleife (Nürburgring Nordschleife) takes 5 minutes 23 seconds 1.” ..

The secret may be the “morphing skin”, which has a unique variable mechanism for the air intake on the roof to actively optimize the airflow. This unfamiliar mechanism has a smooth surface at low speeds, but at high speeds it creates irregularities like bubbles to reduce air resistance by 10% and lift the car body due to the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the machine. It will reduce by 17%.

“Bolide is the ultimate answer to the question,” What would Bugatti do to create a circuit-optimized hypersport that meets FIA safety regulations, “said Bugatti’s Head of Technology Development Stephen Ellot. Is an “innovative source of information for future technology.” F1 is said to be a well-running laboratory, but for Bugatti, Bolide is exactly that.

The Bugatti Bolide is just a concept, and I don’t know if it will be marketed like Chiron or if it will challenge the Le Mans 24-hour race according to the hyper car regulations, but in fact this blue hyper sports car is I would like to see how it runs on the circuit.

By the way, Bugatti boasted that he could run the Salt Circuit in about 3 minutes and 7 seconds (calculated), but the current course record of the Salt Circuit is 3 minutes 14 recorded by Kamui Kobayashi on the Toyota TS050 Hybrid (2017). 771 seconds. If you’re going to break the full attack of the LMP1 car for 6 seconds, you can definitely be a champion candidate by competing in the WEC with Bolide.

However, considering that the engine output is limited to 750HP (760PS) according to the regulations of Le Mans Hypercar, this machine is still a test bed for future mass-produced cars, and it will be given a place to play an active part. also Volkswagen ID.R I feel that going to be a direction, such as. Still, everyone must have the same feeling of wanting to see this machine running at full throttle.

Sanchez Henry