A Christmas message from Her Majesty the Deepfake Queen. Channel 4 warns about fake news

 A Christmas message from Her Majesty the Deepfake Queen. Channel 4 warns about fake news

Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message, an annual event in the UK, was announced last week that it will be available on Amazon’s Alexa device in addition to the usual BBC One television broadcast this year. And a new message from Queen Elizabeth, “unlike others,” will be broadcast on Channel 4, the fourth public broadcaster in the UK.

On Channel 4, the Queen began her speech, saying, “The BBC couldn’t really speak. I’m really grateful to Channel 4 for giving me the opportunity to say what I want to say without being disturbed by anyone.” Prince Henry and Princess Megan leave the royal family for office in Canada, and talk naked about their relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who died in custody after being accused of sexual trafficking in 2019. Then I will develop an impossible story.

In addition, the queen sits on the table in front of her what she thinks, and dances to the confetti, which is popular with TikTok, and begins to dance.

Of course, this is not the real Queen Elizabeth Christmas message. With the help of Oscar-winning VFX studio Framestore, Channel 4 produced a fake Queen’s speech with AI-synthesized deepfake footage, “severe” for fake news and information-manipulated messages to the British people. Intended to throw a “warning”. The director who produced the footage told The Guardian that the footage was “a strong reminder that we can no longer believe in our eyes .”

As a matter of fact, the footage was produced with some unnaturalness, at least at a level that most British people would notice Queen Elizabeth’s unnaturalness on the screen. There seems to be. Nicholas Witchell, a BBC royal correspondent, said, “There have been many projects to imitate the Queen, but this time it’s not very good. I immediately noticed (that it was a fake) when I heard the voice. More than that, the movement of the mouth is unnatural because it is forced to match the voice. “

In addition, there are criticisms of Channel 4 who showed the video of Queen Deepfake through SNS, even if it is a warning to the viewer, that it is disrespectful to the Queen.

Of course, we should be able to make more elaborate deepfake videos, but maybe Channel 4’s intention was to be aware of it so that it could draw public attention.

Her Majesty’s Christmas message on TV is scheduled to start around 3:25 pm on December 25, UK time (0:25 am on 26th Japan time), and Channel 4 is behind this deep fake. The image of the queen will be shown.

Sara Miller